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well here i go...


She’s the One


she's the one who is in the corner,
the one who nobody notices and is so easy to ignore,
she's the one who will one day be like you,
nice, popular, sweet, happy, always with something to do,
she's the one whose back you talk behind,
To raise your self esteem, eventually you'll cross the line,
she's the one who cries herself to sleep,
and every night doesn't eat,
she's the one who does her best to fit in,
yet still's rejected, she just can't win,
she's the one who changed,
just to be ignored,
she's the one you notice,
with slits on her wrist,
she's the one who always wanted to have a date,
but eventually it's too late,
she's the one with a bullet in her head,
lying there dead,
she's the one with too much pain,
the one who realized life was more then a game,
she's the one that was that first star every night,
but now the sky is black and without light,
she's the one you never knew,
yet still miss and don't know what to do,
she's the one you'll never forget,
but you don't get,
she's the one who didn't want this type of attention,
she just wanted a friend,


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