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my audition


bitter bitches carryed on the backs of witches
with the majik to turn you to the wrong time
and not carry on
half a week before i was so in love
my love was liqiud pure
i sat behind this desk of mohogony
and my fears were at rest
to burn my eyes on the truth
thats a ruthless
my eyes were riped open
reality gave me a slap on the ass
truth shook me awake from my dream
many many times
this hurt on the inside
but you could never see
i hid it so well that
i was never me
but now the truth
comes back to haunt
as i sit where i sat before
look to the screan
hear a scream
love plastic love
ur a genuine wanna be
and i dont want you anymore
get the hell away from me
so i can settle the score....

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