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here we go

sitting in the corner
of a circular square
flying in the water
feeling as light as air
the dark clouds welcoming
welcoming me home
home of the shot gun
home of my thoughts

when i want to forget
when i want to walk away
i get pushed back into the light
i am forced to pray
pray for my sanity
pray for me
not breathing
pray to forget
pray for me
pray for me not leaving

my wings are caught
caught on the knife of the hopeful
they toment me
they wont leave me alone
they keep me away from my home
my home in the dark
they keep me in the light
im dieing in the light
im drowning in the light
im choking on the rays of the sun

finally a break in the sunlight
the clouds make there way to me
the rain begins
begins to drop heavenly
the dark
the dark it comes again
and then swollows me whole
it swollows all my emptyness
and purifys my soul...

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