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"In An Instant The Present Becomes The Past"

I apologize for the lateness of my arrival,
But you know how the clock always gets in my way.
They always used to say how little time we have.

Will you still care when winter turns to spring.
Will everything just melt through our fingers.
Just as it all got to the tips.
Just as it all was almost in our grasp.
I can't tell you if it will hurt.
Cause the instant where the present becomes the past,
Well it's right on the horizon.
And the sun sets so fast.

Can you see in the dark?
I'm not too sure if i really can.
So hold the candle while I swim.
In the frozen waters off the coast.
Brave enough to venture,
With no courage left to return.

I'll scream at the skyline.
When are you coming back?
When are you coming back to me?
Who said I could ever do this on my own.

And I scream at the skyline.
I've grown sick and weary.
Of trying to be the one who always sits with a smile.

Kiss me.
It'll be over sooner than we know.
Take advantage of our time alone.
I'm just so sorry.
So sorry, that this all had to happen in the first place.

Remember the first night,
As I remember the last.
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