the cursed

Words of wisdom spoken wrongly
with interpretations made to match the point
are thrown across the room with
random words of horror
used to hide their fears.
Remembering thier foolish fate
they try to fix the past
and in doing so they set in motion
events they shall regret.
False truths to prove thier points
will bring them to their doom,
for thier footing is in sand
and a great storm is comming.
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Call of Death

Envision the darkness within your soul,
Such blackness within shall devour you whole,
Boiling the blood as your heart begins to race,
The color steadily fading from your face,
Your fears become reality as the darkness falls,
What is your response, when the reaper calls?


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Dryed blood stains
on your white carpet floor
feelings of hate
fill my empty soul
you lied and decived
to get what you please
never knew you were capable
but you proved that to me
helpless alone
no one could hear my screams
the day you decided
to take advange of me
my loved turned to fear
when you looked at me
the way you do
when your not pleased
you took it to the next level
for the first time
hurt me in a way
that made me see
your not the guy i once
thought was for me
mentally unstable
but now i got away
from that guy
who once use to hold me and day
his love and care
would keep me safe
untruthful he was
but i wanted to believe
his lies came out the day he hurt me
took advange and controlled me
for the very last time
blood stains on your white carpet floor
are the only things
you have from me anymore
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evil pretty 2


Love the beast.
Hate the pride.
Shun the peasant full of spite.
Ridiculous prayers to God himself.
For glory and riches.
Large bank accounts.
Material-is-tic wealth.
Suffering is closer to God than cleanliness will ever be.
Lotions of nectar the poisons for consumers.
Smelling of seventy dollar lilac musk.
Produced by the Devils corporate world.
Business men masturbating on your MAC card.
Readying it for your next purchase.
At the 15 minuets of fame.
Mass marketing franchise.
That will be refurbished in a week.
cloud heart


a pathway

they seem to tell a story,
like a maze you cannot escape.

you keep coming back to that one wall -
the exact one you have seen before.
it doesn't matter how fast you get out,
you just have to stay alive and not give up.

the cuts, they tell a horrible, tragic story
that never seems to end.
it doesn't matter how big, small, deep, or shallow
the cut is, it just depends how much blood you shed.

i hope you like it.

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